29 February 2008

George Smitherman backs down

Says he's very, very sorry... for talkin', well... all that shit...

Ontario's health minister has apologized for suggesting he might wear an adult diaper in an effort to understand the plight of incontinent nursing-home residents.

"If people were offended or think that I shouldn't have raised those comments, I do apologize."
Perhaps Georgie was feeling a little sheepish... at the outrageous suggestion that he actually look at solving this problem... as opposed to turning it into an episode of Jerry Springer...
Conservative Opposition leader John Tory Thursday demanded an apology from Smitherman, saying the minister should come forward with an action plan on long-term care within the next two weeks in order to make up for his alleged irreverence.
Even Georgie's fearless leader couldn't get behind this one.
Premier Dalton McGuinty was quiet on the issue Thursday after saying a day earlier that the issue was a matter of "human dignity" and not a subject of jest.
Remember... friends don't let friends vote Liberal.



Joanne (True Blue) said...

And no end in sight to the Ontario Springer show.


Let's remind the families of those seniors next election.

Anonymous said...

This story likely caused you some pain. I bet you're sitting in a shitty diaper right this moment.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... I bet you're sitting in a shitty diaper right this moment."

well bobo, my scatological sheeple friend... it'd actually be more accurate to say that, "under the mcslippery regime - we all are".