08 February 2008

Pony up, you weenies

Hey Steffi, you can run... but you can't hide...

-- OTTAWA -- The Conservative government introduced a motion Friday to extend Canada's combat mission in Afghanistan and immediately declared it a confidence matter — a move that sets the stage for a showdown with the Liberals and a possible spring election.

"It requires other parties to make a simple decision," said Mr. Van Loan. "Either you support the military mission in Afghanistan or you don't."
Whatever beef you might have with Prime Minister Stephen Harper... unlike some other unnamed leaders of the opposition i can think of... he's sure not afraid to make the tough calls.

Mind you, it's not all bad news for all the Fiberals... Iggy must be dancing on his desk... at the thought of his not-so-beloved leader taking another kick in the teeth.


LAST WORD: The Tao of Warren
"It’s a good report, but so what. This is politics. If you have to throw John Manley and a couple MPs overboard to win an election, you do it."

"That's my position, and I'm sticking to it. (Until I don't.)"
Ah, yes... those lovely Fiberal core values.



Anonymous said...

I suspect that Dion is much more willing to bring Harper down these days.

Another poll released today (SES) has the Libs ahead of the Conservatives nationally.

The lead is quite significant in Ontario and no signs point toward a major breakthrough for Harper in Quebec.

In fact, the Liberals are positioned to win a minority govt.

This is the 3rd poll in a row that reflects what seems to be growing unease with the current govt.

Steffi may be PM sooner than later.

wilson said...

Well anon, bring it on.
It's time.
Let's see Bob Rae's platform for a slowing economy, Ontarians will be thrilled with it I'm sure!

Lot's of polls were released on the Quebec bi-elections too.
How'd that work out for Libs and the Bloc?

Polls are meaningless, it's all about the campaign.

Rose said...

Does it really matter, the NDP are far leftards, the Liberals- leftards with half a brain and no values or morals and Scorn Canadian Culture. The bloc, again members of the little yellow school bus. Alas Harper, Liberal Light. He lacks the guts to change the course of this country he just want to be PM.

Canada is up shite creek without a paddle, we have no viable leader in sight. What's best for Canada and it's people is secondary to pandering to Minority Groups for the vote.

I don't care who wins anymore, because the path this country is one is paved in stone, we will become a Socialist Hell Hole like England, Germany, France, Sweden, Belgium etc., and the sad part is I hate socialist/communist Ideology.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon hallucinates... Steffi may be PM sooner than later."

sorry pal... the dion waterhole has been irretrievably poisoned... perhaps iggy will have a shot somewhere down the road... but only after steffi goes down in flames.


Rich said...

I am enough of an optimist to hope there are still enough Canadians left with at least two functioning neurons to give Mr. Harper a majority mandate in the next election.
The country sure as hell needs him.