08 February 2008

Apparently it ain't all...

Windmills and tulips.

-- THE HAGUE, Netherlands -- The Dutch cabinet said Friday it wants to ban burkas from all schools and prevent government employees from wearing the head-to-toe Islamic robes, but said it was impossible to outlaw them altogether.

In a policy letter to parliament, the cabinet said it would send a proposal to legislators within a few months on banning burkas in schools and said it would push government offices to forbid the garment in their staff dress regulations.

UPDATE: Of course, it may already be too late.


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Need to come up with something more logical than... "Resistance is Futile."
Rowan Williams, the Archbishop of Canterbury, had better hope shariah law never takes hold in Britain, otherwise, as the leader of an infidel faith, he'll be among the first to be flayed alive in Ayatollah Khomeini Public Assemblage Area (formerly Trafalgar Square).


Just being honest said...

How dare they defy the wishes of the religion of peace©. They must either be islamophobes or have a death wish, sorta like Theo Van Gogh

Neo Conservative said...

the french, having similarly woken up to the unpleasant reality in parts of their country, went with sarko.

there may be hope for europe yet.