02 February 2008

Only a matter of time...

Before these folks are making headlines again...

Speaking to reporters as he left the memorial reception, Pauchay's brother Gary said both parents have been devastated by the tragedy.

He says Tracey Jimmy, the girls' mother, is expecting another child in April.
Yeah, that's just great...

Oh, by the way... how's ol' dad doing?
His brother hasn't told him much about what happened that night, Pauchay said.

"He just stares at me."

When reporters noticed an open bottle on the console of his car and asked how he was coping, Pauchay said simply, "having a beer."
That's funny... the CBC account skips over the "beer" part of the story.


UPDATE: Here's part of the problem...
"When we went to lay my grandchildren to rest I was very proud of Tracy and my son-in-law Chris because they were so strong. They're so young," Ms. Nippi said.

"She has a mother. She has a good mother like me. She has a good family support system set up here with her uncles and aunties."
Grandma's proud of the drunk who caused these two deaths. You're right, lady... that's some "family support system".



RELATED: Enjoying a killer social life
Startling new research reveals that aboriginal drug users living in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside are contracting HIV-AIDS at twice the rate of non-aboriginal users.

Lucy Barney, a nurse-researcher at the Children's & Women's Health Centre of British Columbia and co-author of the paper, said "people congregate in social networks where they feel safe - with their peers."

"This is a real problem when your peers are addicts and end up sharing needles."


mike said...

"having a beer."

Sigh ... a little "hair of the dog"

Leaving the funeral. Sad.

Neo Conservative said...

the mother of the two dead babies is expecting again in april... it's more than sad.


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

QUIT DRINKING you piece of sh*t!!

Anonymous said...

Whites wont be able to adopt this coming child. Natives want their children adopted by their "people".
This story breaks my heart.

Neo Conservative said...

unfortunately... this horrific but familiar situation will likely fall off the media radar by the end of the week.

just let joe anglo get caught spanking his kid at the grocery store, though... and you'll see lloyd robertson's head explode while the ndp starts screamin' for a royal commission.


Anonymous said...

thanks for blogging and commentating on the media coverage of the tragic, senseless and completely avoidable deaths of those poor little babes Kaydance and Santana . i can't stop thinking about it. it is SICKENING to know that their uncle Gary has so much disrespect and insensitivity to drink beer at their funeral. And it is also very disturbing to hear what irine nippi has to say... what a disturbingly deluded person she is. and what the fuck is up ith tracy nppi, the girls' mother. she's pregnat and getting drunk and running off in the night?!!! what a sorry assed bitch. he needs to be criminally investigated and does not deserve to raise her unborn child.
chris pauchay has got to go to jail. he was suposed to be those girls' father - he was suppposed to be their protector and caregiver. those poor helpless girls were relying on a selfish asshole to take care of them. he is a father who failed in the worst way posible. and poverty, race etc is not an excuse. i care deeply about the plight of the aboriginal people in north america. i agree that the situation on and off of reserves is very hopeless for these people. i agree that more has to be done .... a lot more. BUT, for fuck's sake, i am so mad that the response to these girls' death has been all about blaming reservation and aborignial issues and society. why is it that not one of those people, be it the cheif or the relatives, was able to just think about and talk about those girls - who they were, who they could have been and how devasated they were at the loss and at the horrificness of how those girls died? no! instead they ignore the immediacy of the tragedy (which is that a father irresponbly killed his two baby daughters), and they use the tragedy as an opportunity to whine like victims. i say this to them: "people! poor or not, native or not, discrimminated against or not.... you are ADULTS act like them!!!!"
i am soooo angry and sad... thanks for giving me the opportunity to rant here.