01 October 2007

We need a Premier who listens

Did Dalton McGuinty allow a free vote, before breaking his promise and burdening the people of Ontario with a huge surtax on health care?

Dalton McGuinty doesn't care what you think.

John Tory does.

"MPPs will be allowed a free vote, so they are at liberty to vote their conscience and represent the wishes of their constituents,” said Tory. “In this significant way, the public can be more involved in the decision making."

"They have expressed strong concerns, and I have heard them."

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GDW said...

He's going to be labelled weak and be accused of not having the courage to stand up for what he himself declared was a matter of principle. This is going to dominate the last week of the campaign and put an end to what slight hope the Conservatives had of winning. A free vote should have been part of the package from the first.

That said, I voted for Tory in 2003 when he ran for mayor of Toronto and I'll vote for him now, too. He's the better man for the job.

Anonymous said...

There were a lot of Conservatives who were going to 'sit this one out' because of this issue. I can know happily vote Tory.

Neo Conservative said...

i think the green party, who don't have a snowball's chance of winning, have the right idea... strip the catholic funding and fund one system.

but if you're not gonna do that... you have to fund them all.

dalton is the real scumbag here.

tory gets my vote too.


GDW said...

You're right about McGuinty: you can argue logically for funding either all or no religious schools, but not for funding one. McGuinty's the guy with the unsustainable position here. Watch this one come back in the future: Tory's got a whole lot of people wondering what else they might be "entitled" to, and how big the cheque might be.

Anonymous said...


Couldn't agree more. This was really biting the Conservatives (especially with their base). When word gets out, they should start rising in the polls.

If the conservatives win and this goes to the consultation process - good-bye separate school funding. It will become an issue of funding some religious based schools or none and most people agree with the greens.

Anonymous said...

Voters may prefer a flip-flopper to a liar, especially since Dolton McGuilty kept this Red Herring of an issue in his mouth for so long.

doug newton said...

Good, now I can vote for them.
Vouchers applicable to any school teaching a provincially approved base curriculum would be my preference.

Neo Conservative said...

"Anonymous said... Voters may prefer a flip-flopper to a liar"

i don't see it as a reversal... tory hasn't changed his mind on this... he's simply not going to shove it down people's throats, like mcguinty did with ohip.