12 February 2018

Gerald Stanley Trial...

...an addendum...

The last 5 chiefs of Red Pheasant have been Larry Wuttunee, Stewart Baptiste, Charles Meechance, Sheldon Wuttunee, Clint Wuttunee.

Oh and if you google each chief's name, it seems armed robbery and assault are a familial occupation.
And another...
"If a person is to be tried for a crime, he is to have some opportunity not to be tried by 12 sociology professors, or by 12 adherents of the ruling political party, or by 12 cousins of the richest man in town."

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Forget the rule of law says Shiny Pony...
There is not a potential juror in Saskatchewan who does not now know that the Prime Minister, the Justice Minister, and the Minister responsible for Indigenous Services, believe that Colten Boushie’s family did not get justice, and that Gerald Stanley should be sitting in a jail cell today to await his sentencing hearing.
But wait... it gets much, much better.


UPDATE: Justin's "racist" jury system...
“You could audibly hear some of them talking amongst themselves, discussing how they were going to hang Stanley, or they were going to make sure he gets hung, or that if they don’t get the results they want, that they were going to handle it themselves.”

Interesting comment from a poster at the Stanley trial...

I have friends who attended the trial and what was not entered as evidence was: surveillance video from approx. 2 AM the same day showed these young people robbing the liquor store in Cut Knife, and later that day they were kicked out of the Maymont bar for disorderly conduct, plus the farm where the stock on their rifle was broken due to attempting to break a truck window, and other vehicle prowling was done cost that farmer more than $4900.


Anonymous said...

Well I guess in Juth-dim's new Post-apocalyptic Canada, we whiteys have no identity, there is certainly "identity politics".
The trump card of race identity means apparently you can drive around drunk with loaded firearms trespassing seeing what ain't nailed down or red hot, it's all good
I guess we don't need courts. judges or juries defense lawyers?
Forget it you are whitey, you are guilty!
Judge Judy and sock puppet have spoken, this is going to cause a shit storm of epic proportions IMO
Trudeau just not ready or lucid.
Never mind sending troops on UN Peacekeeping Missions, they are going to be needed at home.

Neo Conservative said...

as usual the lefty argument boils down to...

"anybody i don't like... is a nazi!"


Anonymous said...

Here ya go Neo the whole sorry story seems he wasen't acting out he was just doing the usual.

dmorris said...

The NP article you linked to actually allowed comments on this case! First one I've seen. I commented that if Natives thought Boushie was victimized by White man's justice, we whites were equally outraged by the Native justice handed out in the Christopher Pauchay case.

I was pleased to see that almost all the 30 or so comments I read were pro-the justice system,and several former jurors explained the difference between what jurors hear and what the media tells the public.

Neo Conservative said...

i remember when pauchay was seen drinking at the kids funeral and then at a bar after legal prohibitions... the sanest comment i saw was... "it could have been worse... at least he wasn't babysitting."

and that's as much as we can hope for.

ps... pauchays wife was pregnant with another kid. another story with no happy ending in sight.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...............memo to sen murray, apparently the farmer needed a gun to defend himself from some drunken teenagers who were trying to steal from him. Oh, sen. those same teenagers had gun.

Anonymous said...

O.K. Neo one thing I have not seen besides the incoherent babbling by the usual subjects.
Did this group of natives approaching this Mr Stanleys farm for "help" now exactly what did this help consist of? They were running on three tires, yes.
On a gravel road yet one of the party was "asleep"
Now did they not have a spare?
Or a jack.
Or did they not know how to change a tire?
Assuming they had a spare and a jack.
Or where they in no condition to perform this simple task.
Or was it just easier to "borrow" someone elses truck or ATV
Our PM and his anatomically correct "Justice Minister" have cast doubt on any and all decisions made by Judges and Juries in Canada.
They should both resign IMO

Anonymous said...

cut knife liquor store robbery ? any links Neo?

Neo Conservative said...

there is a link in the main post to the original commenter at sda... you could follow it up there.