26 February 2018

I guess everybody has an inner...

...part-time high school drama teacher...tit for tat

“I look forward to dressing myself and my family in large Stetson hats, a scarlet uniform, and yelling ‘yeehaw!’” said Modi at a press conference with Trudeau. “I will smile and pose for the cameras, and ride a horse through Parliament as per the Canadian tradition.”

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“That move where she climbs up him and sits on his face might actually be the dirtiest thing we’ve ever posted,” said Pornhub spokesperson Carolyn Chen.
[NB... yes, I am aware that this link is a humour website.]


Anonymous said...

Indian PM is gonna have to really work at it to out "Griswald" happy-socks.
Meanwhile, out on the bald prairie, a farmer is arrested for defending his property and family from homegrown terrorists
The GRC (gravel road cowboys) have not found anyone yet to get on the Government jet for tea and sympathy with the traveling dingleberry the man ? of 1000 costumes.
Remember when seconds count the poolice are hours away.
Next they will be kicking doors in and stealing firearms from whitey farmers.