06 February 2018

Revenge of the Vagina People

From the guy who brought you... "The budget will balance itself..."oh, barfMeanwhile, back at the ranch, er... Prime Minister's Office...


UPDATE: Twitter finds the Twit



UPDATE2: I was Seinfelding, says Trudeau

"But others suggested that viewing the full version of the exchange makes it clear Trudeau wasn’t being entirely serious, and Trudeau himself has now endorsed that explanation."


Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, but only if it is located on "brokeback mountain"
People all over the world are laughing at this poffy little sock-o-crat.
Meanwhile, Soapy and former first Wookie are being seen around, having lunch, hanging out.
Watch out little potato her arms are bigger than yours. snork

Anonymous said...

old white guy says............unfortunately this poffy little sock-o-crat is screwing up the country and far too many people think that is just a-ok.

Neo Conservative said...

like "paikin accuser" sarah thomson, the woman who told conrad black she'd sleep with conrad black for an interview... justin now says he was merely "joking."


Anonymous said...

I suppose that he was "just jokin'" to that legless veteran, too?

If the CAF rank & file had any stones, they'd do an about face, or reverse arms, whenever T2 shows at some official event, in future. Professional & snappy like. Then fart in his general direction.