18 February 2018

Another bit of advice...

...for the Canadian Citizenship Guide...pencils write poetry

“We certainly do not want to have 'gunfire happening' on the highways,” OPP Sgt. Kerry Schmidt said Saturday.”
It's social meteorology, bro... "gunfire happens!"


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...stay for the firefight...
"Toronto police say two males in custody after one of them was allegedly seen walking through the Eaton Centre with a gun on Saturday evening."

LAST WORD: Comment of the Week...liar,liar
"But our Veterans cost too much."


Anonymous said...

If only our brave Veterans were trans gendered TB infected illiterate Iranians
in wheelchairs Sock boy would meet em at the airport.
As for "gunfire on the highways"
How about keepin' it down on the farm where it belongs.
Sock-boy musta flown out the family of Colton, probably would not have gone over very well if he had gone to Sask.
I suspect the whitey settlers would have been happy to give the little Prince a traditional native costume of feathers, held firmly in place with tar JMO
I watched a live feed of his town hall in Nanaimo at VIU he was not respected by most.
People are starting to get upset, about time.

Neo Conservative said...

perhaps people are waking up to the ridiculous follies of pierre-lite.