05 February 2018

Riots erupt all over urban America...

...as visible minority lugers say... "We won't take it anymore"...

USA Luge had 87 national team athletes in 2015, and for a second straight year had zero percent minorities.
I had been under the impression that the Olympics was the ultimate meritocracy... but I guess I was mistaken.


RELATED: I blame Walt Disney!!!
"A Massachusetts high school canceled a screening of the movie Cool Runnings after receiving complaints from the school community that the movie is 'racially insensitive.'"
C'mon, America... make up your mind.


LAST WORD: It's all culturally relative...
More than 20 people in a northern Indian town tested positive for HIV after a fake doctor used contaminated needles and syringes while treating them for colds, coughs and diarrhea, a health official said.

Villagers are ignorant about hygiene,” explained Mehtab Alam, a project manager for Raza Hussain Memorial Charitable Trust.
No... not a shithole.


Anonymous said...

So Neo when do they "integrate the NFL and the NBA ? not too many wheelchair bound LBGTQTQ2's or Furrys hanging out there.
Hardly a pale face either.
Enquiring minds wanna know.

Neo Conservative said...

i'm guessing there will be the usual "only applies to the racist, patriarchal white guys" exemptions.