02 February 2018

I'm so old, I remember a time...

...we weren't talking about putting Dilaudid in vending machines...spike

"In 2017, 1,422 people died of illicit drug overdose deaths, up from 993 in 2016, Lisa Lapointe, B.C. Chief Coroner said Wednesday."
Or, as Charlie Darwin used to say... "thinning the herd."


Anonymous said...

I guess we must either unload the pistol they are aiming at their own heads, or load it with blanks if they insist on playing "Russian roulette"
Sort of like "chain migration" not every one of them wants to kill you.
. Deus suos agnoscet
The gubbamint seems to have unlimited funds for lost causes like these, sad yes but they stick the needle in their arms.
Meanwhile sock boy is telling crippled Veterans that he is fighting them in court cause they expect too much from the Gubbament
At the same time a midnight payment to little Omar saves money by not being in court.
Diversity is our strength, as long as Sock boy agrees with you.
We are f****d

Neo Conservative said...

"a midnight payment to little Omar saves money"

does it really?

funny how no one in the media seems to remember that it was a liberal government that left poor little omar in the gray bar motel for how many years before stephen harper was elected.

by paying off a terrorist, justin saved the liberals all the embarrassment of having to testify why they didn't save their pet islamist.