20 February 2018

"Willis was no stranger to the law"...

...or apparently, to the "not law" either....

A Brampton man gunned down in a hail of bullets has been identified as a [wait for it] father and notorious gang leader in the GTA who recently vowed to “go on the right path” in life. “I’ve matured greatly. I’m not the same,” Willis said in the Toronto courtroom.

Oliver Augustus Willis, 37, known as “Twinky” and at one time a leader of one of the Crips’ Toronto factions, according to Toronto police, was fatally gunned down just before 2:45 p.m. on Feb. 19.
Somebody guzzled Twinky.


BLAST FROM THE PAST: Travel with me to 2010
Willis believed he was finally on his way to owning Bentleys and mansions, befitting a man with the “The World Is Mine” tattooed on his upper right arm.

I’ll be king of the streets,” he predicted.
And then somebody changed his horoscope. The real irony here is... his favorite movie was probably "Scarface."


Anonymous said...

Hmm will his dear old mom and his father, presuming they know who he is, get flown to Ottawa for a meet and greet with sock-boy?

Neo Conservative said...

well... he was trying to "turn his life around"...


TheTooner said...

I do keep trying to warn people that "turning their lives around" seems often to end badly.

Neo Conservative said...

you ever notice it's always the guys with the
way cool street names?

"Known to friends as 'T-Rex'"... is pretty much
a guarantee somebody is gonna light your
felonious ass up.