08 February 2018

Unexceptional Exception

Many of his beliefs are perfectly unexceptionable – or would have been, until recently. He does not believe that women are systematically oppressed by men, or that Western culture is the source of all the world's ills, or that the idea of gender binaries is a vicious fiction. Only in a world dominated by identity politics would he be demonized as a dangerous reactionary.

The reason is that millennials have been brought up with almost no practical advice about how to live. They've been told that "there is no real good, and no true virtue," and that morality is no more than a matter of personal opinion.

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...paid for with your tax dollars...
"Outrage is mounting over a publicly funded Ontario college’s plan to launch a diploma program in homeopathy, a practice based on the philosophy that illness can be treated with massively diluted substances — so super-diluted scientists say the “remedies” are virtually water."
The magical beliefs of Premier Kathleen Wynndfarm.


LAST WORD: Winning by failing?
There’s an epidemic of self-diagnosis among young people, there’s a race to multiply pathology, there’s a glorification of disorders like borderline personality disorder, which is rare. When being the most oppressed victim gives you the highest status, then it’s a race to the bottom.


Anonymous said...

Back in the old days, before the earth cooled............
When I was a young-un my white privilege include Sister Mary Elephant for the first three grades at the Chinese Mission
Then the good Christan Brothers(they were neither good nor christan ) BTW at St Louie's in Victoria BC were up next for grades 3 through 8.
Further adventures ensued.
Needless to say by the time I escaped the Catholics as soon as I could,
I had learned to take a punch, and if there was shit happening it was my fault.
I was not a victem Neo, rather a survivor.
I grew up in sawmills and shipyards.
I have met many millenials they are soft girly men who could not change a tire or survive a bar fight or a case of terminal mediation with a bear.
Somehow they were never said "no" to, or got their flabby asses kicked for being out of line.
If there is a problem the "grief" counselers rush in.
As I approach my 3 score and ten I do not regret a day
I do know that all that is good in the modern world was invented by white men as well as some but not all of the bad.
Explain to me if white folks are so evil why the adhederants of the religion of peace Hah! are all coming here?
Trick question name 3 things invented by the "others" that changed the world, for the better.
Other than endless Jihad/whining of course.

Neo Conservative said...

i, for one, never claimed to be perfect, but i'll be damned if i'll be a punching bag for my racial ancestors.

"try again. fail again. fail better." and life goes on.


Anonymous said...

exactly Neo I don't have reverse gear,just keep moving forward, the so-called first nations had lots to answer for also.
Very enthusiastic slave ownership and ceaseless warfare.
The white man stopped that.
A child mortality rate off the scale.
Yes this isn't the same country it was 350 years ago it is called progress.
We cannot apologize for something done 50 or 250 years ago.
Unless of course you are a virtue signalling sock puppet.