22 February 2018

From the folks who brought you...

...Colten Boushie...

They are not a new council,” Good said. “There is a new Chief, but he has been on council for three or four terms now. It’s the same names, same people and the same lack of progress or initiative that we’ve seen there for decades.”
Boushie, Boushie... that sounds so familiar.


BREAKING: New aboriginal shitstorm coming


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LAST WORD: In other "Indian" news...

...Justin sure has some pathetic, whiny friends...
"Atwal said it was unfair to raise his criminal conviction for shooting visiting Punjabi cabinet minister Malkiat Singh Sidhu on Vancouver Island in 1986 given how long ago the crime occurred, Canada Postmedia said."

"He blamed 'enemies' for circulating the photos."
Oh, waaaaah!

P.S. - "Atwal later admitted to the parole board that he was the shooter that day, the report said."


Frances said...

So - can't determine the cause of death and no forensic evidence connecting Mr Cormier to Tina's tragic death. What if Cormier is truly innocent, and his rants were really the result of his frustration about the inability to find her killer? Given Winnipeg, she could well have been killed by an Indian or Metis.

Neo Conservative said...

what's a 15 year old girl doing with a 56 year old habitual criminal at a
no-tell motel, anyway? nothing legal is my guess.

"Almost half of all children living in foster care in 2011 were Aboriginal."

"The rate of deaths from injuries is 3 to 4 times higher for
Aboriginal children
than for other children in Canada."

Source: Government of Canada (2002) Healthy Canadians

somebody dropped the parental ball here.

let's talk about that.


Anonymous said...

somebody dropped the parental ball here.
No kidding that will be up for discussion at the same time the black kids stop shooting other black kids.
No provable cause of death and no forensic evidence why this was brought to court at all is a good place to start looking for who done it.
What the hell a 15 year old is doing in a flea bag hotel is a question.