10 February 2018

You know what's really shocking?

An armed, intoxicated raiding party, expecting to be welcomed with open arms...firewater & firearms

Several people in the courtroom yelled "Murderer!" seconds after a Saskatchewan jury found Gerald Stanley not guilty of killing Colten Boushie early Friday evening.
Perhaps the trick here would have been more evidence... and less mystical aboriginal ju-ju...
Throughout the trial, Alvin Baptiste, Boushie's uncle, has held an eagle feather inside and outside the courtroom. He said it represented "truth and justice," which Popescul passed on to the jury early in the trial.

"It appears to them that you are motioning or shaking the feather at Mr. Stanley," said Martel Popescul, chief justice of Saskatchewan's Court of Queen's Bench. The chief justice said that was distracting to the jury.
And totally devoid of magical properties, he might have added.


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"All five aboriginals were consuming alcohol. Later, they got a flat tire and drove onto a farm 15 kilometres northeast of Stanley’s farm, where at least one person tried to steal a truck."

Translation: They were shitface drunk. They stopped at two previous farms and attempted to steal vehicles. They broke the stock on their rifle attempting to smash a truck window.

"A grey SUV was driven onto the Stanley farm and that someone from the SUV attempted to steal a quad."

Translation: The Stanley farm was their third stop on this firewater-fuelled "steal-a-thon."

"A .22-calibre rifle barrel with a bullet in the chamber was found next to Boushie’s body, and that an empty box of .22-calibre cartridges, as well as 17 live rounds and 11 spent casings compatible with the rifle, were found inside the SUV."

Translation: These folks were armed & dangerous. The rifle had been previously fired out the window of the vehicle... at what, nobody apparently knows or admits to.

"Two people who were in an SUV with Boushie admitted lying in police statements. One also said he lied under oath during Stanley’s preliminary hearing."

Translation: Absolutely everything these people said is suspect.
It's surprising how "touchy" juries can be about a little perjury these days. There was no other possible verdict given the circumstances.


"Let's just change things around a wee bit - 5 drunken redneck Canadians with a loaded rifle trespass on an Indian reservation and attempt to steal a truck at three different homes..."

LAST WORD: Dear Caucasians of Saskatchewan...

...you're all irretrievable, murderous racists...insert alt text here
"Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, in the midst of a trip to California, immediately expressed his support for the Boushie family, as did the Justice Minister. Given that this case is likely to be appealed, this political rush to criticize the verdict seems imprudent at the very least."
I blame Sir John A. MacDonald. And residential schools.


Anonymous said...

Now let's see you go onto a family farm, armed, drunk, with firearms and attempt to steal two vehicles.
What could go wrong.?
One can only wonder what would have taken place if Mr Stanley had not defended himself.
That Juth-dim and his Justice minister ars jumping into this is troubling.
Sounds like there was a fair trial even though there were some lies told.
As for the dead eagle wing being shaken at jurors and Mr Stanley it is really another case of "what the hell were you thinking"
Maybe your young people should be taught to respect other peoples possesions and not to drive around drunk with firearms.
There are no winners here.

Neo Conservative said...

by leaving out the details like alcohol, firearms and robbery, cbc is hoping to make this look like a mischievious prank gone awry.

colton boushie was intoxicated, armed & dangerous at the time of his demise. had he killed gerald stanley with the loaded rifle in the truck, we would be reading about his regret and rehabilitation.

trudeau should be ashamed of himself for this latest bit of pandering.


Anonymous said...

And Mr. Stanley will have to live all his days with the fact that he killed a young man -he is a Father and iI am sure this will weigh heavy on him.

Neo Conservative said...

in other oppressed aboriginal news... only a fool, brings a wooden stick to a gunfight.


Anonymous said...

Interfering in our justice system will bring a lot of trouble to rural folks already being preyed upon by "youths"
We have had trouble out here in BC with hunting parties being assaulted by so called natives.
They call the RCMP they tell them to call Fish and Game who tell them to call RCMP, only a matter of time IMO
With vote pandering Juth-tin and his Justice minister chiming in to something they know nothing about is just gas on a fire.
The Crown can appeal in this case however with the Defence refusing aboriginal jurors?
I can see now why.
Real good reason for an appeal.NOT!
The fellow shot for hitting the Officer in the head, that was an extendable steel baton he ripped off the officers belt
I think you could call that a deadly weapon.

TheTooner said...

"Justice for Colten" they cry. But it'll never happen. Because we don't put thieves on trial posthumously.

dmorris said...

The aggrieved Natives,who are always aggrieved after the fact,never seem to try to help their kids out before they get into trouble, have done everything pc on this one except claim Colton was a straight "A" student who was gonna be a doctor some day.

Colton was just another Rez kid going wrong with NO guidance from the First Nations government with all their fancy departments which we pay them to look after their people. Most Rez's have a social services ministry and several Natives being paid a good salary to look out for just such troubled youth,and as most Rez's are tiny in population,where in hell were the "caring " relatives and politicians before this episode?

Answer from years of observation: sitting on their comfortable butts collecting a very nice salary,and doing as little as possible. When something goes wrong,you can always blame the White Man. Our pc PM disgraced his Office by shooting his mouth off on this case,I wonder how thw Judge and jurors feel about that?

Anonymous said...

Juth-tin is an embarrassment sounds so much like Obama "if I had a son"....
We got Obama lite Juth-tin is all about PC victim groups.
If the armed and drunken wanna be home invaders had of not gone looking for trouble none of this would have happened.
But of course "residential schools," special treatment, and our PM's seeming endorsement of the slander of systematic racisim in our court system.
Trudeau is a disgrace his justice minister is no better, resign already.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says................typical of the media these days, if they can't lie directly they will lie by omission.

Anonymous said...

So what is really shocking you ask Neo ?
Well let's just change things around a wee bit;
So 5 drunken redneck Canadians with a loaded rifle trespass on an Indian reservation and attempt to steal a truck at three different homes.
The native resident of one home fears for his life, picks up a gun and one of the trespassers/home invaders is shot to death.
His defense team will not let any Whitey's on the jury.
The 4 surviving rednecks lied to police and also perjured themselves at trial.
The native resident is found to be not guilty.
The Native found not guilty is threatened with "consequences" by a prominent redneck/whitey
Juth-dim wearing little-big-horn socks soils his silken nickers and along with Justice-Judy, declares his support for drunken redneck home invaders.

Pretty f***d up eh?
Are y'all embarassed that such a dolt is our PM?
We are all redneck/whiteys now

Anonymous said...

Now I wonder when this little girl is going to get her justice from our fool of a PM and Judge Jody.
There was another statement where Justin bleats about Indigenous and non indigenous Canadians are not satisfied with the juries verdict.
You Do Not Speak For Me Just-tin
I thought we had no identity, first post-national something or other.
Jagmeet Singh weighs in also I guess he has forgotten about the Canadians that perished in Air India bombing, how about justice for them Jagmeet?
He never did answer Terry Mildewski's question about people in his community having posters of the bombers on their walls like rock stars.

Anonymous said...

What were the rest of the armed, drunk, but still alive thieves charged with?
Armed robbery?
Driving while impaired?

Neo Conservative said...

nope... they are now bonafide "aboriginal activists"... just like the twenty something from down east who burned out her liver and couldn't get on the transplant list.

you know... heroes.