27 February 2018

Diversity is our...

...FLEE, FLEE, RUN AWAY!!!insert alt text here

• FEBRUARY 26 • "A North Carolina woman, Shameka Latrice Lynch, is jailed on multiple felony charges after she allegedly opened fire in a movie theater during a dispute over assigned seats at a screening of 'Black Panther,' according to police and court records."
Just another story you won't see at the CBC.


A 35-year-old Toronto man is facing a slew of charges after he allegedly mishandled a pistol tucked into his waistband in the Entertainment District early Monday morning and shot himself in the leg.

Police identified the suspect as Bruno Ndaye, 35, of Toronto.

And then, there's this freak.
And... ...just another teacher.


"If this was Fred Smith, avid deer hunter & target shooter, CBC would be planning a four part Marketplace "Tools of Satan" extravaganza. They'd be following poor Freddie to the crapper."

LAST WORD: That's a little unusual...

...Toronto media outlet includes ethnically specific information...
The homicide unit has taken over the investigation and police said they are searching for a white male suspect who has a goatee and was wearing a black jacket and a blue hoodie.
Okay... now I get it.

Wait... CP24 seems to have omitted some info here.


Anonymous said...

Sigh, I'm wiping away a tear, Neo I feel so enriched at that woman's handling of a dispute over seating.
Of course in Africa, a machete would be the weapon du jour.
Slightly OT if a migrant/settler/invader gets 36,000 tax dollars in Canada for showing up, is that taxable?
Who would I ask?

Neo Conservative said...

actually, nelson mandela's ANC had a history of "necklacing" people who didn't get with the program. (google it... too horrific to describe here)


Anonymous said...

Indeed Neo the tire on fire was a way of putting fear in the townships.
So now that the new masters have succeeded in driving away nearly all the bad whiteys.
Well they gots no food, water, boo frickin' hoo