07 February 2018


Shortly after, the story that Smith was executed began to circulate from Smith’s friends and family. “We’re not protected and we don’t know how we’re going to be protected. A traffic stop turns into an execution, it’s scary,” a family friend, Devon Hatchett said.

Thankfully for the officers involved, they had tangible video evidence that showed exactly what happened that Sunday morning. After mounting pressure from those involved with the 17-year-old, the North Little Rock Police Department released the dash cam footage of what transpired that morning.

The video clearly shows that Smith pulled a gun and tried to shoot police.

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"One witness in the car told the jury she saw Stanley shoot Boushie twice in the head, but she had earlier told police she didn’t know who shot Boushie."
Why is nobody ever charged with perjury in these affairs?


Anonymous said...

I am glad all the law enforcement officers got to go home.
The young man tried to murder the cop, he reacted as he is trained to do.
Maybe the "parents" of this criminal did a lousy job.

Neo Conservative said...

think about how clear-cut trayvon martin, michael brown and freddie gray (just to name a few) cases would have been had officers been wearing body cams.