31 March 2017

File it under "victimless" crime

A police officer who specialized in organized crime said he was surprised to hear Sergi was shot dead, even though his name came up often in investigations, including probes into things such as cigarette smuggling and cargo theft.

He wasn’t that major of a player,” the officer told the Star. “He was almost like a harmless guy . . . did his little crimes and made his money.”
Sergi, Sergi... that sounds so familiar...
Nearly $2.4 million in cash, the largest seizure to date, was seized after a year-long probe into a cross-country drug-trafficking investigation, Toronto police announced Monday.

Toronto police seized 205 kilograms of marijuana and three kilograms of hashish as a result of the investigation. A "large-hashish production lab" was also dismantled.
It's a shame Tony Large didn't live to see his criminal behaviour legalised, right Justin?

Funny how Toronto's "professional" journalists couldn't seem to make this connection.


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Following changes to Canada's medical marijuana program, a union for medicinal cannabis growers and employees has been been formed and is already growing.

Tony Sergi is president of the newly-formed Medical Cannabis Employees Union Local 1 (MCEU 1), which covers the whole province of Ontario.
If this isn't the Tony Sergi referred to above, it's one heck of a coincidence.