07 March 2017

Dumbstick Deepak plays "Brownshirt" card

obhrai hysteria

Obhrai, a Calgary MP since 1997, said in a news release that Leitch’s plan to screen immigrants, refugees and visitors for so-called “Canadian values” will not only lead people to view the Conservative party as “anti-immigrant,” but could also endanger people’s lives.
Sorry, Deepak... it isn't Kellie Leitch who is throwing gay men off rooftops... or slicing off womens genitals with a rusty knife.

There is indeed such a thing as "Canadian Values"... and I've just enumerated two of them. The truth is, there's actually a list of these things that would choke, well... a moose... provided you're not a hobbled serf of the lunatic left.


Anonymous said...

The screening immigrants ploy is a thin appeal to anti-immigrant sentiment. i think it would be a pointless endeavor given that they will lie and say anything they have to to get the goodies, then do what they want anyway. What we need is a 5 year probationary period on immigrants - one foul up and out ya go.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............daily they comment on their lunacy just by their very being.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... a pointless endeavor given that they will lie"

you claim you believe in equality for women and then you beat your wife or mutilate your daughters genitals... then there should be immigration sanctions... up to and including revocation of citizenship. bringing folk with stone age beliefs into canada is a recipe for disaster... google mohammed shafia.

lawyers do this sort of thing all the time... get a witness to claim x and then prove that they actually did y. so, you lie to immigration, you get the boot.