28 March 2017

Pierre-lite... the one trick pony

"And speaking of election promises, it's not surprising the government is so adamant about this one."

"Its track record on others isn't great."

"Democratic reform? Scratch. $10-billion deficits? Oops. Small-business tax cuts from 11 to 9 per cent? Not yet. Maintain military funding? The government pushed back nearly $4 billion in equipment spending until 2020. The promise to restore door-to-door mail delivery? Not likely."

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...wait a minute...
There are new and more draconian proposals to limit debate and scrutiny of government business, with fixed numbers of days set for each stage of a bill’s progress through the House — thus sparing the government the unpleasant necessity of passing a motion to curtail debate — limits on speeches in committee, and the elimination of Friday sittings.
Go Justin.