05 March 2017

"I remember two salient traits.."

"...of the majority of students in those days. One was their extraordinary intellectual laziness and lack of curiosity, especially infuriating because so many were such intelligent kids. The other was their immense privilege. Shiny new BMWs filled the student parking lot, each fitted with racks holding the most technologically advanced skis for whizzing down the slopes. There were battered Volvos, too. They belonged to us teachers."


Anonymous said...

Decadent privilege is toxic to a culture's development - we see it in the sefie gen and their constant whining about thir alleged victimization and needs for safe spaces - witness the decline of western civilization - could you imagine any of these snowflakes liting a finger to defend their nation/culture from barbarians?

Neo Conservative said...

i can't imagine them leaving their parents basements.