22 March 2017

The capricious and unknowable...

..."Will of Buddha, er... Shiva, wait... Odin, no... uh, Jesus... wait a minute..."

Five people, including a London police officer who was stabbed and the alleged assailant, were killed in a terror attack that saw more 40 people injured outside the Parliament building on Wednesday in an act described as "sick and depraved" by British Prime Minister Theresa May.

Acting Metropolian Police Deputy Commissioner and Head of Counter Terrorism Mark Rowley said there was only one attacker who authorities believe was "inspired by international terrorism."

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I'm thinkin' we're gonna have to revisit that whole "Canadian Values" dealio.


Anonymous said...

owg says..........ya really have to watch those white southern Baptists.

Neo Conservative said...

cbc radio correspondent nahlah ayed reported this morning... no mention of islam or terrorism, the perp is a british subject... apparently despite isis crowing about their jihadi warrior, this slaughter is a classic whodunit.