23 March 2017


"It's time for Canada to start taking in millions of white conservative refugees wanting to flee the UK for a better life."

UPDATE: Another Lutheran gone wild...
Khalid Masood, 52, has been identified as the man behind the attacks Wednesday in London that left three people dead and many others injured outside Britain's Parliament.

UPDATE2: And over in Antwerp...
BRUSSELS — Belgian authorities tightened security Thursday in the port city of Antwerp after a Frenchman drove his car at high speed through a busy shopping area, forcing pedestrians to jump out of the way.

Police arrested a man, identified as 39-year-old Mohamed R., who has been living in France.
As French as fallafel.

Another day... another akbar... or two.


Anonymous said...

Everyone named "Mohamed" should have a tracking implant ...or a lobotomy.

Anonymous said...

With the passing of M-103, the government of Canada has declared war on its citizens. It has declared intent to punish us for religious transgressions. It has abandoned the constitutional concept of the secular state and separation of church and state. In doing so it is breach of our constitution and the UN declaration of human rights.

In a more dire note, Canada will become an Islamic state, and Canadians subject to Shia (religious law) overseen by some mad mullah. Obversely, Atheists, Christians and Jews can now be persecuted for voicing opposition to state-sponsored Islamic religious blasphemy pogroms.

Our government has lost all valid claim of authority with this treasonous regressive move to 3rd world despotism.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... With the passing of M-103, the government of Canada has declared war on its citizens."

singling out groups for soecial treatment is the antithesis of democracy.