28 March 2017

None so blind...

...as those who will not see...

When we speak of Islam, as opposed to Muslims, we are not speaking about a mere religious belief system. We are talking about a competing civilization — that is very much how Islam self-identifies.

It has its own history, principles, values, mores, and legal system. Islam, thus understood, is not non-Western. It is anti-Western.
Where are all the open-minded, educated Muslims we keep hearing about?


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UK authorities are facing an increased terror threat from battle-hardened fighters returning from Mosul and other conflict zones in Iraq and Syria.

Security sources have told Sky News more than 400 former fighters are now believed to be back in Britain.
What could possibly go wrong?


Anonymous said...

Seems to this old guy Neo, that this is not a clash between civilizations.
Rather it is a clash between barbarism and civilization.
If they don't like our system, morals, laws etc, why do they keep coming here?
They are free to leave anytime and move to any one of the 160 something paradises on earth created by Muslim majority Sharia enforced rule.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... why do they keep coming here?"

in the early part of this new century, a norwegian imam ignited a great controversy by proclaiming that muslims could take over europe by "breeding like mosquitos".

perhaps that's the plan.


Anonymous said...

17 years ago I said it was a deadly mistake to fight terrorism in its homelands without closing our borders to immigration from terrorist countries so they could not infiltrate/migrate here and wage a clandestine war of revenge in our neighborhoods.

Given the current events in western nations it would seem the difference between a conspiracy theorist and a prophet is approximately 17 years.

Neo Conservative said...

the last comment above was picked up in blogger's spam filter and almost lost.

i don't check the spam backlog regularly for obvious reasons. if you want to make sure you are getting comments published, i suggest using an email address rather than posting anonymously.