02 April 2017

The New "Normal"

If this had been 5 years ago, you bet your ass every woman in there would’ve been like, “Ummm what are you doing in here?”, but in 2017? The mood has shifted. We had been culturally bullied into silenced.

We all did. Every woman who exited a stall and immediately zeroed right in on him...said nothing. And why? B/c I and I’m sure all the others were scared of that “what if”.

What if I say something and he says he "identifies as a woman" and then I come off as the intolerant asshole at the happiest place on earth?


Anonymous said...

old white guy says................we get what we accept. too bad a dominant male was not around to kick the perv out. my mistake, there are not many dominant males around these days.

Neo Conservative said...

in pierre-lite's new post national canada, anyone speaking up about the dozens of new genders risks being socially isolated or brought up before a human rights commission.


Bill@billville.com said...

The left's flirt with perverts may be grinding to a halt as this new backlash against Pedophilia gains official momentum. 1500 busts of pedophile ring agents and prosecutions and arrests that work up the Pedo feeding chain to the highest levels of ruling class.


After revelations from Elijah Wood and Greg Sawyer, the pedophile culture permeates leftwing institutions like Hollywood and Dem power cabals.

TheTooner said...

It occurs to me that what that man was doing there was making a demonstration for the women present to get them to think about what they have been voting for and/or accepting. To make them realize that they have been culturally bullied into silence.

(It occurs to me because I'm a contrary sort who would think of it, and might present it as a hypothetical situation in an argument, but I wouldn't actually do it because my mother wouldn't have put up with that crap.)

Neo Conservative said...

at some point, some fool is gonna get the shit beat outta him... or worse.

"you don't pull the mask from that ol' lone ranger and you don't mess around with jim."