30 March 2017

Trumping the Triggered

Ottawa’s Carleton University says it now has scales in both men’s and women’s changing rooms in a bid to compromise with those who were angry when the scale in the main gym was removed earlier this month.

The original campus paper article... described scales as “very triggering” for those with eating disorders and other body image concerns.

The issue gained traction well beyond the Carleton community, with outlets as far afield as the United Kingdom devoting space to the controversy.


Anonymous said...

Cut public funding to to these neurosis factories.... all they do is turn out dysfunctional neurotic people who need life long care for their indoctrinated mental illness.

Neo Conservative said...

our children have been subject to this snowflake propaganda all through primary and secondary school as well.

teachers these days are pushing children to the political left from the time they show up in pre-school.

by the time they get to university they are full-fledged "snowflakes."