01 March 2017

How many hospitals could you build...

...for 3.346 billion dollars?


Jaedodrax said...

Estimated cost of $3.346 Billion dollars. Actual cost, about 210% more.

worst part is, this is taking longer to build anything than the amount of time it took to build the original bloor-danforth line.

Neo Conservative said...

as per usual, the apathetic citizenry looks the other way as the government and their corporate buddies pick their pockets.

you get the leadership you deserve.


Greg said...

By the time it's built anyone needing a ride will hop on a self driving uber like mini bus that will pick them up at their door for less than a TTC ride, and 1/4 the ride time.

Neo Conservative said...

"greg says... By the time it's built..."

too true... there is absolutely no forethought given to these projects because none of the politicians has any skin in the game. they just piss away that inexhaustible supply of taxpayer dollars.

and we let them.


Anonymous said...

H.L. Mencken used to say that democracy ensured people got what they voted for, and they deserve to get what they votd for and get it good and hard - GTA, Ont. and Canada are prime examples of getting what you vote for good and hard.

latest news updates said...

AS many as a country required all patients of country should be treated fairly and equally.