04 March 2017

Silence of the BLMs

"At 13, he already had three criminal convictions including robbery and assault causing bodily harm. Only out on probation for two weeks, he’d quickly violated his terms by moving back to Jamestown and arming himself with a .40-calibre Smith & Wesson handgun."

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Kawartha Lakes OPP said in a media release Monday afternoon that a staff member at the youth facility has died of injuries sustained in the fire. A youth was charged on Saturday with second-degree murder, and now faces another second-degree murder charge, as well as arson causing bodily harm.
There are broken people who should never be permitted to move freely in society.

Trust me, folks... it ain't the cops that are the problem here.


Anonymous said...

That kid will be dead before he's 20. Sad, inevitable and so preventable just that the system, it's bureaucrats and society at large like to pay lip service but they really don't care.

4 years on an arctic circle work farm will either break the devil in him or kill him - tough love for lost causes.

Frances said...

Anon - you're probably right. Just hope he doesn't take out too many innocents before that happens.

Frances said...

Neo - BLM won't say anything because they really, really do NOT like blacks who want more from life than single parenthood, welfare, and a permanent grievance against "society". Young Lecent's aspirations would have been a very real threat to them.

Neo Conservative said...

these uneducated multi-generational misfits who live in these "community housing" gulags commit crimes disproportionate to their numbers. it is a politician propagated perpetual motion machine.

the residents come to see welfare payments as their birthright.