03 March 2017

"Enough. I'm exhausted..."

"And here's the truth, anyway: My insomnia won't transport a single refugee to safety, and my stress vomit won't feed a single starving child."


Anonymous said...

Good find Neo, Cracked has some great humor writing from time to time, but I still miss National Lampoon when Kenny and PJ O'Rourke ran it.

As for the premise of the article, if media sensationalist trolling disturbs you,sandbag the windows, stay reclused indoors until you become conditioned to the callousness of media-driven social hysteria.

Whenever I get stressed, and admittedly that is never very often, I go downstairs to the reloading and work up an new load or go to the range to punch some holes in paper or do some fishing - but hey, that's just me, and I suppose exceedingly normative well adjusted people are not the type media is trolling for. They just can't "disturb" me Neo, sorry just not interested in the "bait" and far too savvy to bite on it.

Neo Conservative said...

me? well, i'm out of the immediate blast zone.

still, i worry about the future of a world my son will have to live in.