17 March 2017

Forget about gloves, batons, tasers...

...perhaps they can just go back to shooting folks who resist arrest...insert alt text here

Under the weight of a set of watchdog charges against an Ottawa officer wearing Oakley gloves with hardened knuckles, the chief of police has ordered an audit of all force-approved glove purchases for officers.
How much money would you have to make to square off against thugs and crazy people on a regular basis? If part of my job was getting into no-rules street brawls, I'd be protecting my hands as well.

Note that the officers in question were responding to a man grabbing women's breasts in a crowded public venue. After citizens called 911, this guy fled the scene and then resisted arrest when police caught up to him.


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Dear Muslim community... perhaps someday, Allah willing, all those shameless French Canadian women will be wearing hijab, but until that blessed day arrives you don't get to grab woman's breasts whenever the urge arises.
Sorry Abdi... this is not warring, lawless, tribal Somalia.


LAST WORD: A day in the life...insert alt text hereWhen are the police gonna get rid of those scary, racist bomb disposal suits?


Anonymous said...

it's obvious that police are not run by police. Police brass and boards are populated with social engineers who are willing to kill both police and civilians to play out their demented social theories. Pack and don't look back. Beat,cheat and retreat. Shoot, shovel and shut up. This must be the code of the street when command and control has gone insane.

Neo Conservative said...

legalise dope, disarm the police... what will the spawn of pierre hold up as his next pet project?