08 December 2016

The going gets tough...

...the tough get borrowing...

A December 5th Finance Canada slide show projects weak annual growth of just 1.8 per cent on average until 2029, and cites full-time job losses of 1.9 per cent across Canada so far this calendar year.

Productivity is slowing, energy-sector investment is in sharp decline, and household indebtedness is at record levels.
Say, what is the interest on that first year 40 billion dollar loan Pierre-lite has signed all of our names to?


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Vancouver is mulling a property-tax increase to help fund its fight against the drug-overdose crisis in the city.
What fight? All I see is "enabling."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says...........I like those charts I will keep them handy.

Anonymous said...

At this rate we will achieve 3rd world status within a generation. Goodbye G7 and G20 status - JT will have less opportunities for the selfie with global movers and shakers. Tres tragic!!!

Bill E said...

There is no Harper to blame this on - when you spend like a crack whore with a mastercard during a recession, then you raise taxes and kill the nation's 2 wealth engines, what exactly did you expect? This is like loading down a hose then whipping it when it drops from exhaustion.

Your first clue we were headed into economic winter was when the eternal child who presumes to be our PM saif that budgets take care of themselves.

Here is the clear picture that tells the whole story:


Prepare for 3 more years of economic winter or worse - once a carbon tax id made universal this economy with snap like an dry twig

Neo Conservative said...

the boy-king admitted he will run a 10 billion dollar first year deficit. we all know that means 30 or 40 billion by the time that year is up.

your grandchildren will be paying for this.


Anonymous said...

Mine won't, as I didn't have kids, to start. Couldn't afford them.