08 December 2016

Silence of the BLMs

Journalists crowing about life sentence, while homicidal thug is actually out in seven years on full parole...

Court heard Folorunso Owusu came to the party armed with a handgun knowing members of a rival gang would be there. When he arrived at the party in Toronto's east end, Owusu came across a man with the street name of "Gifted," who was checking attendees to see if they were welcome. The man flashed a handgun and told Owusu to leave, court heard, before an older man told Gifted to put the gun away.

Owusu, the judge said, then took out his gun and fired at Gifted, who was struck twice. The man, as he fell to the ground, fired at least 11 shots, one of which struck Owusu. Court heard that another man then took out a submachine gun and opened fire. It was bullets from Gifted's gun and the man with the submachine gun that killed Charles and Yasay.

Nordheimer said Owusu is responsible for their murders, even though his bullets didn't kill the two, because he was involved in a dangerous act that led to their deaths.

Owasu has not accepted responsibility for his actions. The judge also noted that those three guns were never found.
Another "Hennessey Blocko" gone wrong.


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...somebody pissed you off, you'd take a Louisville slugger to their mom?

Yeah... me neither...
A woman is in hospital with serious injuries after a fight between two groups of teenagers in Oshawa.

The woman, the mother of one of the teens involved, was hit with a baseball bat.
Our modern world.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............I have always been in favour of the death penalty.

Anonymous said...

How much time does he get off that seven years for time served waiting for trial? Isn't that usually two for one? The crime was four years ago.
By the time you do the math he'll be on the street.

Neo Conservative said...

"anon says... time served waiting for trial?"

sweet baby jebus... i forgot about that.


Bill E said...

I find it ironic that the "security detail" at this hoodie kegger were the cause of the deaths - but then the range safety record of the Finch and Jane IPSC club (Improptu Public Shooting Competition) is not that good.

I caught this:
"The judge says Owusu did not act impulsively when he brought a loaded handgun to a party where he knew there may be rival gang members."

Heh, so if it wasn't "impulsive" then it was a "prudent" self-defensive act eh judgee-poo, - why is this lofty legal axiom not applied equally across our multi-cultural mosaic?

Neo Conservative said...

mr owusu seems to have a bit of a "'tude"... i imagine the first thing he does upon hitting the street after prison is go retrieve that gun the cops never recovered.