15 December 2016

After his stint as Celebrity Prime Minister...

...there's always a career in standup comedy...liar,liar

Trudeau also denied involvement with the Trudeau Foundation, calling it “an independent foundation established in the memory of my father with which I ceased to have any engagement shortly after having become leader of the Liberal Party.”

The Globe and Mail notes that “opposition MPs erupted in howls of laughter” at his denial.

Trudeau has attended multiple questionable Foundation and Liberal Party fundraisers. One of particular concern for opponents cost $1,500 an entry and was attended by a number of Chinese millionaires with ties to the Communist Party.

Trudeau has previously boasted of his ability to get Chinese business leaders to make deals in Canada.
I wanna hear all his rib-ticklers about Uncle Fidel.


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A federal government project originally budgeted at $1.54 million could end up costing $1 billion, experts are saying.
It's only money, right?


Anonymous said...

I write software for a living and I gotta say a 1 billion dollar project... For redesigning websites? That's some serious wtf. That's some gun registry wtf. How do I get in on that action?

Bill E said...

As much as I disagreed with his father and his sovietization of Canada, at least he was above board with his intent and did not lie - this wad of wasted jisim lies as a reflex, it's his first instict - lying must be his good offset for being anti-intellectual

Neo Conservative said...

before getting into politics, justin had that one stint as a part-time drama teacher.

he got to flit from thing to thing because of his trust fund. he bailed on two grad school programs, before his brief stint as a part time drama teacher.

and we let him run the country.


Anonymous said...

owg says..............remember it is only illegal if conservatives do it.