09 December 2016

I guess I just mistakenly assumed...

...the death penalty had been abolished in Canada...death penalty

"Chief Jean Guy Whiteduck’s Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg band claims in the lawsuit that... in the absence of an arrangement, sanctions of increasing severity apply... up to and including death to any invader."
In light of this development, will the House of Commons be beefing up their security detail?


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Calling all "Revolutionary Guards"... your law enforcement background will be put to good use...
Recruits no longer have to be Canadian citizens, they can put off taking the physical fitness test until they've been accepted at the RCMP's training division and university graduates no longer have to take the national police force's entrance exam.
I'm assuming they've streamlined all that pesky psychological testing as well.


Bill Elder said...

Heh, it just keeps getting creepy-sill dun it? A wise man once said that surviving the 21st century was not the challenge, getting out of it with your sanity is the challenge.

I think chief duck butter there is puffing loco weed in his peace pipe. But hey, I wish him all the luck - there are enough self loathing Liberal door mats in government they might just succeed - hope they do - ironic it took original Canadians to shut down what has plagued our nation since it first darkened those 37 acres on the hill in Bytown.

Hell maybe close it down in Ottawa and move it to Calgary lots a cheap industrial land there ;-)

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.............circle the wagons guys, I smell another indian uprising. break out the muskets.

Neo Conservative said...

wouldn't it be ironic if pierre-lite had to use the war measures act on his aboriginal brothers?

and i could've sworn that threatening to kill someone was a criminal offense here in canada.