07 December 2016

In the menagerie of projectiles...

...there are folk who say 9mm is just a friendly little puppy...insert alt text hereI think it all depends on what you feed the beast.


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The Second Amendment also facilitated Islamic terrorists’ designs by supposedly making it easier for them to procure firearms, said Obama.
"Seen in this light, Obama’s greatest regret is one of freedom’s clearest victories. The Second Amendment survived his presidency."
That's one for the people.


Bill E said...

Ahhh Neo, one of my favorite subjects, projectile design and performance – although my interests lie in long down range performance and maintaining speed, stability and accuracy, in your case it’s a search for short range maximized terminal impact – the conversion of forward energy and mass into dissipated kinetic energy on terminal impact – better known as stopping power.

At short ranges the drag and yaw handicap that big hole in the front of these pistol projectiles presents is not really a disadvantage to target hit rates under 35 yds – over that I suspect the hit rates go down progressively and group strays are common. Also for fast expansion effect you sacrifice a lot of mass in that pill putting such a big hole in it and going all copper – still, a 9mm (Georg Luger’s bastard child) was never a one shot stop platform but was always intended to be fed through high capacity auto loading arms to produce low recoil multiple hits on target ( I call it the hoodie spray and pray effect)

I can only guestimate the terminal hydrostatic shock these pills produce but at their 100 grain mass and near sub-sonic speeds I suspect they are only slightly better than a standard 115 gr. FMJ @1,200 fps producing 299ft/lbs energy @20 yards (These may produce 450 ft/lbs)

The overall value of these star shredder rounds may be their dynamics after impact where they travel like a wounded bumble bees, zig zagging through meat acting like a razor sharp daisy cutter slashing veins arteries etc. Such a horrific wound on a hostile target will drop blood pressure significantly and incapacitate them from launching an effective attack – police will welcome that.

Although this type of round puts the 9mm into .40 and .45 acp territory, it is still no where near the effective stopping power of .45LC or .357/38spl or .44 mag ( these re rounds I have used on metal silhouettes) the disadvantage is the weight of the wheel gun, it’s slow speed to deploy, limited magazine and horrendous noise and flash ( a blinding/deafening consideration in night and indoor discharge).

So I guess what I’m saying Neo, is your “krunchen tickers” have their place in law enforcement, but for personal survival, I’ll take a wheel gun any day. If I had a real choice, it would be a carbine length .308 small power scope

Neo Conservative said...

as someone who once had a new york state carry permit, i am very aware of the limits of handguns as defensive tools. sadly, one cannot sling a c8 over one's shoulder, like in, say... israel.

true, a relatively slow moving 9mm round drops 7.5" over 100 meters... but most close quarters shoot/no shoot encounters occur with 20 feet and with training and practise, putting two rapid shots in a dinner plate sized area is eminently doable.

i went 9mm because i got a deal on a longslide glock. it remains to be seen whether i will like it more than my series 70 1911.


Jaedodrax said...

I'd prefer to be using a proper bullet, not the G2 RIP.

https://youtu.be/B2lVPE2BV_k is a better idea of what it does. FPS Russia is not the guy I'd watch for learning about ammo.

Neo Conservative said...

always interested in reading up on esoteric ammunition... i'm old enough to remember all the excitement over the hydro-shok when it first came out.

over-penetration is a real concern in a home defense scenario.

but, yeah... jacketed ball will do the job in most cases.