07 December 2016

Dull and predictable...

True... not every party comes out splurting "royal jelly" all over the dais...all in the family


Bill E said...

14 candidates and not one has pointed to cultural marxism as the number one enemie of our nation, our culture and our democracy - not one candidate prepared to confront cultural marxists on their open fascism and dictatorship of agenda.

The political right will continue to lose ground to CM aggression if they do not confront it and use their populism and political power to run a scorched earth agenda on westernized communism/sovietism

This is what every successful populist in the western world is doing - rallying an organic surge supporting democracy, freedom and national sovereignty - post-nationalist globalism is in retreat everywhere in the NATO nations except Canada - I think a lot of the reason is our lame right wing party leadership

Neo Conservative said...

"bill e says... our lame right wing party leadership"

we live in a country where men & woman can have government subsidised genital swaps... where once-enquiring minds demand "safe spaces"... it will take a cataclysm to shake the social justice warriors out of their trees.

fortunately... that is coming.