12 December 2016


I remember indominatable Hillary... being dragged senseless and shoeless into her special handi-van...humpty hillsey

How many of you got this phone call from Russia, "You vote Trump yes? Or family die!"

Yeah, me neither.
The democrap is being piled wider & higher.


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..."I'm tired, tired, tired"...
If you have even a semblance of a spine, sooner or later you’ll hear this nonstop sneering condescension about how you were born with a stain on your soul and say, “Hey, fuck you. I’ve done nothing wrong, but you’re really starting to bother me.”

Democrats and leftists—despite their loud public chest-thumping about being “anti-racist”—repeatedly demonstrated over the past eight years that they could never, not once, not for a second, stop thinking about race or shut the fuck up about it.
Goodbye, Kaine & Disabled.