18 December 2016

Something seems a little off

So you can "choose" to kill your unborn child... but the state CAN AND WILL override your choice to play fast and loose with your own life...pro-choice

Vancouver's police chief says the fentanyl crisis hit a brutal low point Thursday with the overdose deaths of as many as nine people in a single night. So far this year, illicit drug overdoses have claimed the lives of 159 people in Vancouver.
I can't wait for the government to override an individual's choice to climb mountains, or ride motorcycles, or skydive... or to ingest whatever they please.

The government could stop this trade in its tracks, by imposing life (or death) sentences on the serial murderers selling this poison, but they choose not to do that.

It's like Jack the Ripper is loose in Vancouver... and the government's solution is to make everyone carry around tourniquets and pressure bandages.

In any case, nobody is sneaking up on these folks and slamming syringes into their arms, or slapping fentanyl patches on their abdomen. Simply leave this a matter of personal choice and in a year or two the problem will cease to exist.


Bill E said...

Somewhere Darwin smiles knowingly.

Neo Conservative said...

even "red gregor" acknowledges that these dumbsticks are playing russian roulette.