08 December 2016

No need to worry, folks...

I'm sure Justin got OUR refugees from a magical land where everyone always tells the truth...liar, liar

British ministers are facing serious questions about their decision to ban scientific age tests for 'child' refugees after officials in Denmark revealed THREE QUARTERS of those posing as minors are actually adults.

The figure could be even higher because officials built in plenty of leeway and gave borderline cases the benefit of the doubt to make sure no genuine under-18s were denied their rights under international law.

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Toronto Police have charged the owner of an Etobicoke import/export business with fraud and other offences after $2.5 million worth of counterfeit toys, makeup, sunglasses, household appliances and other items were seized last week. The owner of Lucky’s Import and Wholesale, identified as 46-year-old Hock Chan of Mississauga, faces charges including possession of property obtained by crime, fraud over $5,000 and passing off wares.

The two other individuals arrested may face deportation.
A warrant was issued for a suspect identified as Seran Kasilingam, 28. He was wanted for second-degree murder. It was believed at the time that he fled Canada. On Aug. 26, authorities located the suspect in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. RCMP and Canada Border Services agents made arrangements to return him to Toronto.
Sorry... I'm afraid there is such a thing as "Canadian values."


Anonymous said...

old white guy says............Canadians will never wake up, even when people are dying in the streets and women are being raped as they have been and are in Sweden and Germany. Nope, won't happen because my fellow Canadians are stupid.

Bill E said...

Open borders homogenization of the polity of nation states is a key agenda of Brussels EU communism. The EU commies in the UK have been resisting the Brexit mandate and this is just another indication.

UK , like Canada, has no effective way for constituents to deal with administrative or executive malfeasance - this is the result, bureaucratic dictatorships.

Neo Conservative said...

it seems the lunatic left would rather screw their eyes shut than face any sort of reality.

better not test because we might find out.

we allowed the teachers to brainwash our kids... now we pay the price.