08 December 2016

I'd hate to see what happens...

...at the anti-social club...

Ardian Kaloshi, 46, who was known to police, was gunned down outside a social club on Donlands Ave., said Det.-Sgt. Mike Patterson. No suspects have been publicly identified. When police arrived, they found Kaloshi outside the club, suffering from “obvious” head injuries.
As there is an obvious "diversity" element involved here, that's all the information you will get from the mainstream media.

Here's another tidbit...
“It happens all the time, people come out the social club yelling and screaming,” said a local resident who didn’t want to be identified. "Not that long ago, two man came out of the social club and the one pulled a machete and started chasing the other.”
I'm gonna assume this wasn't a late night smoker for some "old boys" from Upper Canada College.


UPDATE: Kaloshi, Kaloshi...

...that sounds so familiar...
There are references in the material to the various suspects using a café as a gathering place. There is nothing to suggest that this café was anything other than a social meeting place frequented by individuals from Albania and I draw no inference from attendances by the suspects at the café at various times.

LAST WORD: Give us your poor, your tired...

...what the f@ck?!
A man wanted by the FBI and described by police as a "kingpin in the Albanian mafia" was arrested in Toronto.

Toronto police say the fugitive squad arrested Kujtim (Timmy) Lika through a joint investigation between city police and the Canada Border Services Agency.
Canada is indeed a "land of opportunity."


Bill E said...

Keep going hoodies, you have less than a month to crack the 100 shootings threashold and break the records.

Toronto the -good- HOOD

Neo Conservative said...

kaloshi is, even for ontario, an unusual name... i wonder if these guys are related.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..............vibrant imports expressing their cultural values.

Neo Conservative said...

the albanians are famous for their blood feuds... one guy steals another guy's goat, or kisses another guy's sister and it's on... only bloood can satisfy the debt of honour. of course, this leads to some serious, never-ending hatfield-mccoy shit.

they must see us as sheep to be sheared.

the thing to remember... they have a beef with you there's no small claims court... it's warhead to the forehead.