03 December 2016

Las Vegas Casinos shut down dice games...

...after vigilant Journalists expose "Baltimore Back Alley" cultural appropriation connection...racist lingerieit's the coverup that kills you


Anonymous said...

old white guy asks........have all the liberal democrats in the US lost their freaking minds? Today I have read at least a dozen articles that do nothing more or
less than prove these folks are nuts.

Bill E said...

Do you ever get sick of hearing these cultural fascist mantras mindlessly chanted by even more mindless zombies?

I don't buy any of this stuff but if I did and I saw them going culture-commissar on me I'd vote with my dollars - gotta start happening folks, this is really a poison which will undermine our nation

Neo Conservative said...

well, some folk are fighting back... i saw last night there were a quarter million signatures on the boycott kelloggs petition for their recent forays into the social justice market.

you vote with your wallet, it gets people's attention.