31 December 2016

The CBC (almost, but not quite) News

Toronto police have arrested three men after a shooting in the east end left a man in his 30s in critical condition early Saturday. The age of the suspects (or any other information for that matter: edit mine) was not available.
Wakunda, Wakunda... that sounds so familiar.


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Toronto police say they were called to the area of Scarlett Road and St. Clair Avenue West sometime before 3 a.m. The victim left a bar nearby and was shot by a suspect who emerged from the same bar, police said.
Alright... this time we got a location.


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A 19-year-old man was stabbed and robbed of his personal belongings reportedly at a gathering in a home in the city’s Willlowdale neighbourhood on Sunday morning.

Police say they were called to a home on Holmes Avenue, south of Yonge Street and Finch Avenue West, sometime before 5:30 a.m. Investigators say they are searching for two male suspects.
Okay... ruling out half of the population here.


Bill E said...

No suspect description or incident details but they ask for witnesses ?????

How many unsolved murders in GTA?

D'ya suppose the vacuity of publicized details of the criminals in the first 12 hrs of investigation is linked to the low percentage of case closures?

OTOH there seems to be a trend not to solve or stop any of this - by council, queen's park or GTA MSM - what would they do without their daily emotional outlet and hollow proggy hand-wringing exercise

Neo Conservative said...

but, but, but... the guy who was shot was reported to be in his 30s...

you can almost smell the journalism.