17 May 2016

Justin Trudeau's legacy...

...it starts right here...

"Almost half of weed-smoking Canadian drivers say that they can safely operate a vehicle while stoned. Teenagers who drove under the influence of the drug said it either improved their performance behind the wheel or was no hindrance."
Who am I to argue with the average Canadian teenage stoner?


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"How deep does the corruption of this Liberal government go? How great is their arrogance for making sure that their family and buddies make a fortune off the backs of Ontario taxpayers?"
(via sda)


LAST WORD: The greening of Toronto
"Kensington Market, in particular, is reportedly reaching levels of marijuana saturation that are concerning even to its famously liberal population."
Cheech & Chonging their way to nirvana.


Rich said...

I think the "Liberal Song" accurately describes how corrupt they are.......

Ain't no mountain high enough...

Ain't no valley low enough.

Neo Conservative said...

free government dope and surgical genitals of your choosing.

what's not to love?

say... what happens when the liberals bring in sharia law?


fernstalbert said...

I find it fascinating how its ok to smoke dope but not tobacco - one is evil the other is medicine. As far as I can tell you smoke them both and both have the potential for lung damage.

Bill Elder said...

Is it too soon for the revolution or too lte?

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........just when I thought it was save to leave home the liberal, stoned youth, let us know how much more dangerous things are going to get.

Bill Elder said...

It takes a drugged out constituency to stand idle while the bureaucratic tyranny Trudeau is planning is erected. Doped down public plays a large part in the final stage of dismantling the "old Canada" and sending us into globalist servitude.

Up the revolution and pass the joint!

Neo Conservative said...

that's what happens when people give up critical thinking and join a cult of personality.

reason goes out the window.