25 May 2016

Perhaps, just to be safe...

...folk with a family history of mental illness should steer clear of marijuana... medical or otherwise...feminista

"The spectacle actually revealed far more about the PM’s diva-like, DNA-level sense of entitlement."


Anonymous said...

Kathy's biopic article of the Truedough blood line is wasted on the mostly US fan base of Taki's - I see the comments degenerated into either a new world order shadow rulers echo chamber or a "what's she talkin' 'bout" yankee head scratching symposiumm.

While there is little doubt the Truedoughs are mimicking the UK royals (with full Canuck paparazzi support), from their detached arrogant bearing and trust account carefree lifestyle, to their champaign socialist obsession with communist thugs, right down to the hereditary royal insanity gene which seemed to afflict our current UK monarch's lineage - even with their demonstrated desire to live & rule like aristocrats, but that's where it ends.

If there is any functionary connection between this idiot bastard child and the global ruling elite, it is only as a retarted colonial errand boy who needs globalist keepers to accomplish the most fundamental functions of state.

I heard his nibs described in another blog as "the off spring of a promiscuous bipolar groupie and one of her numerous couplings with Euro-trash celebs OR a gargoyle-like anorexic megalomanic inbred Nouveau riche French colonial politician - seems apropos.

You have to wonder how exactly the global aristocracy (who place so much value on exclusive blood lines) mus view the doltish mutt we have sitting in the PMO.

Neo Conservative said...

can't blame the yanks for their lack of insight into canadian politics... there are few enough canadians who choose to do more than scratch the surface themselves... which is how we ended up with the petulant, self-entitled boy-king.

a 30 billion dollar first year deficit, more payola on top of the 12 billion yearly to aboriginals, more corporate welfare for the justin broadcasting corporation... it pains me to start the ever lengthening list.

i fear for my country.