05 May 2016

Urban Mysteries Episode 43

Why is there never a #Black Lives Matter spokesvictim around when you really, really need one?

"Investigators believe the kidnapping was precipitated by a shootout involving the Young Buck Killas and the Queens Drive Crips that unfolded April 19 in the 25th-floor hallway of 300 Front St. W."
It's a mystery.


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"We fought for this and we won, and in that way it is a victory, but it's a victory in a backhanded way," said Janaya Khan of Black Lives Matter Toronto.
Say, Janaya... why don't we ever hear from BLM Toronto founder Yusra Ali anymore?


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One man has been transported to a trauma centre with serious injuries after being shot in north Etobicoke.

It happened in the Turnvale Road and Alicewood Court area shortly before 8:30 p.m.
Do not confuse this event with the teen shot the previous Saturday...
Toronto police say they are trying to figure out what led to a 15-year-old boy sustaining a gunshot wound to the leg in north Etobicoke on Saturday evening.

LAST WORD: Life in Scaryborough

Not from a close Italian family...insert alt text here
Cynthia Mullapudi, 24, and Joseph Anzolona, 26, were shot to death inside a parked vehicle after making a brief stop at an LCBO near Ellesmere Road and Victoria Park Avenue last Friday night.

The suspected gunman, 24-year-old Toronto resident Harris Nnanem, was arrested last Sunday night and charged with two counts of first-degree murder.
If only there was a point of commonality between all these murderous events.


Anonymous said...

The whole kidnapping saga took place in various public housing units around Toronto. Who woulda guessed?

Carter Hall

Neo Conservative said...

vitually every homicide in the urban gta is committed by (and incidentally, upon) young black men from "community" housing.

if you build it... they will come... and come... and...


Bill Elder said...

" Gardiner is an aspiring rapper known as Pressa and suspected YBK leader, according to police."

"Lincoln Richards, who raps using the name Ranski Gleechie, has known ties to the Windsor area but police have yet to track him down."

Speaking of commonalities, how many victims and shooters have professed to be "rap" artists? This is a cultural thing - a subculture of rap-inspired gang bangers and the rap media is a conduit.

Neo Conservative said...

a subculture of misogyny and murder.