02 May 2016

Heads they Wynne...

...tails we bend over and grab our ankles...

The scale of the waste is so large as to be almost incomprehensible, which may explain why Ontario’s Auditor-General Bonnie Lysyk’s report was a one-day news wonder when it landed last December. Once the count gets into the hundreds of billions, the mind goes numb. If the province announced construction of the Burning Money Biomass Plant, fuelled by bales of five and 10-dollar bills, it probably wouldn’t be capable of destroying $170-billion.

Nearly a decade later, this week’s leaked document on its upcoming greenhouse-gas strategy suggests Kathleen Wynne’s government has not learned from her predecessor Dalton McGuinty’s mistakes. Glen Murray, a minister with more enthusiasm than knowledge, is in charge of the environmental file; last time around, George Smitherman was the designated enthusiast. Ontarians should be worried.
If you voted Liberal since the turn of the century... you lost your right to bitch about the cost of electricity.


LAST WORD: Have Ontarians given up?
Ontarians are to believe, therefore, that it’s just a coincidence that the Liberal party’s biggest donors also happen to be the government’s greatest beneficiaries: that the Liberals are somehow impervious to influence from wealthy stakeholders and capable of receiving partisan donations with one hand, and impartially signing off on corporate subsides and contracts with the other.
I got nuthin'.


Martin said...

There is just no end to extremist, ideological, ideas emanating from Queens park these days. Some of Glen Murray's plans make the Leap Forward writers appear to be sober economic analysts. All this expended energy to "save the planet" when Canada's share on carbon emissions is about 1.7% and Ont of course is but a fraction of that.
The image that persists is Kathleen Wynne standing by Lake Ont in a raging spring blizzard screeching: "I've taxed and driven Ont to bankruptcy, Why are you doing this to me".

Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........liberals and their supporters have learned nothing. They will continue to march us into oblivion and bankruptcy. they still do not know that CO2 does not and cannot warm the planet.

Bill Elder said...

The leaked carbon reg agency plan is a full implementation of agenda 21 and agenda 2030 both of which are the blueprint for the end of the middleclass and the beginning of forced austerity.

The attack on the automobile industry and private tranportation has been a key element in globalist disempowerment of the individual via demobilization. there will be a massive shift from working middleclass to working poor when these plans are implemented -

- but no worries for me , I'll be long gone by then either to a non hostile jurisdiction or working with the counterrevolutionaries.

Neo Conservative said...

from the article...

"the Burning Money Biomass Plant, fuelled by bales of five and 10-dollar bills"

the liberals have doubled ontario's debt since mcguinty was first elected in 2003. anybody with an ounce of sense is buying beans, bullets and seeds to grow their own food when the economy collapses.


Rich said...

Bill is right on as usual! Agendas 21 & 2030 are horror shows with high sounding words masking massive changes...they are a mandate which requires world wide action and the only effective way to do that is by having ONE government implement them. It is Stalin's wet dream on steroids. Danger Will Robinson....danger!

Neo Conservative said...

i never tire of saying it... you get the government you deserve.