18 May 2016

Who deserves more scrutiny here?

Kathleen Wynne for offering the bribes... or the Teacher's Union for taking it?

TORONTO - Ontario gave teachers' unions approximately $80.5 million since 2000, including $22 million with "no strings attached," the province's auditor general said in a report released Wednesday.

Auditor General Bonnie Lysyk also says she found no evidence of governments anywhere else in Canada doing the same thing.
So what do the Liberals do when they get caught?
In response to the report, the Ministry of Education has told the AG it does not play to pay union bargaining costs in the future.
You get the government you deserve, Ontario.


Bill Elder said...

Criminal influence peddling in any normal jurisdiction which would result in indictments and government toppling scandal - but not jn the moral cesspool of Ontario.

Neo Conservative said...

in another decade or three, historians will be having a party with today's eco-lunacy & politically-correct argle-bargle that almost ruined not only ontario... but north america.

fortunately the establishment of the new world caliphate and the introduction of strict sharia law stopped all that in its tracks.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........since the teachers have been bribed it would be right to prevent them from voting.

Neo Conservative said...

in kathleen wynne's ontario, some animals are more equal than others.