26 May 2016

Once again... the soft bigotry...

...of low expectations...insert alt text here
Brandon Rolle of Nova Scotia Legal Aid, who devised the legal strategy, said he believes cultural assessments are the way of the future for sentencing African-Nova Scotians.
Will Afri-Scotian Police Officers also be afforded this "cultural" protection?


UPDATE: By the numbers
While African-Canadians make up 3 per cent of the general population, they account for 10 per cent of the federal prison population. Overall during his tenure, federal prison watchdog Howard Sapers has watched the number of Black inmates grow by 69 per cent.

Of course, it's not about crime, it's about racism.


RELATED: The epitome of popular contemporary...

...black culture in North America is "murder music"...
UNION SQUARE, Manhattan (WABC) --
Rapper Troy Ave was one of four people shot in a third-floor green room at the venue Irving Plaza Wednesday night, before a T.I. performance.

One man died from his injuries.
You can find items like this any day of the week.


LAST WORD: White guys get all the credit, right?
The gist of such hifalutin jibber-jabber is that in our white supremacist society, only white men are considered capable of the organizational skills and intelligence to pull off a string of murders before being caught.