05 May 2016

"If we're lucky, they'll treat us..."

"...as pets... if we're very unlucky, they'll treat us as food."

bow down to your new robot overlords

To accomplish such a complex task, the robot has seven degrees of freedom and an articulated suturing tool, as well as a sensor that can gauge suture tension. This combines with the vision system to accurately place sutures.

What they hope to see is a future, not where humans are eradicated, but where humans assist robots rather than the other way around.
If it scares big brains like Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking... maybe, just maybe you wanna pump the brakes a little.


Anonymous said...

old white guy says.........a remote control off switch would be a good idea.

Bill Elder said...

AI has its applications but if the fear is mobile AI I'm afraid the military is going full speed ahead with robo-trooper - wonder what they will do when these AI systems display more self-preservation instincts than humans?

Neo Conservative said...

as a former mainframe admin, i can tell you we had to regularly apply ptf fix tapes (showing my age) to the machines to constantly correct the operating system.

microsoft has a program called patch tuesday... google it.

i read somewhere that first run software has an error every hundred lines. think about that the next time you fly airbus.