30 May 2016


"A man followed a young girl into a Target bathroom in Texas saying he self identified as a woman. The man's teeth were knocked out by the girl's father who said he self identified as the tooth fairy."

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...Kathy Shaidle gives both barrels...
"This is the part where I’m supposed to cuck out and put in that transsexuals are clearly mentally ill and deserve our compassion. That they’re being exploited as exotic human pets and fashion accessories by everyone from teenage weirdos on Tumblr (forgivable) to powerful media gatekeepers, greedy surgeons, and political power-grabbers (not)."

"Yeah, fuck that. I don’t care."
Strength of conviction on steroids.


Bill Elder said...

I have to even disagree with Bill Whittle on this one (a rarity for me) this is not about discrimination, or control - it is a social engineering agenda of deep left subversionaries to "normalize" insanity.

Previously in our former civil society , individuals who "identified" with personalities or people they are obviously not, were correctly deemed medically delusional and in many cases were institutionalized for both their safety and ours.

The deconstructionist social engineers sworn to collapse the current culture and order, have raided the insane asylums and made the inmates victims of society - in essence saying debilitating insanity is ok and should be held in equal social esteem as lucid functional sanity.

When a culture/society accepts ideals devoid of logic and reason, that society is vulnerable to be programmed with the most self-destructive conventions.

Neo Conservative said...

"bill elder says... When a culture/society accepts ideals devoid of logic and reason..."

as kate at sda is wont to say... "I, Napoleon"


Frances said...

The other issue, Neo, is the narrowing of standards for behaviour classifying one as a "girl" or a "boy". Last Christmas, Number 2 grandbrat loved wearing his cousin's "crown", etc. Said cousin alternates between being perfect in pink (preferably a dress) and being incredibly energetic and athletic. Are we rushing to judgment as to what their "real" gender is? Hell, no. The grandbrats comprise two boys and two girls, and we're championing a wide range of activity for each and all of them without trying to re-classify their "gender".

Are we now at the stage where the sensitive, artistic boy is going to be told he's really a female, while the "tomboy" is being pushed to identifying as male?

Neo Conservative said...

"frances says... the sensitive, artistic boy is going to be told he's really a female"

when our son was little, mrs neo tried to engage him with her vast childhood collection of plastic animals... to her surprise and disappointment he was, instead, mono-maniacally interested in motorised vehicles. one of his first words was "scooba" which he trotted out long before he was walking.

there was a long engagement with thomas the tank engine and i would come home from work to find vast tri-level (propped up with books) train layouts covering the livingroom floor.

he could also identify a toyota camry (his grandfather's car) at vast distances. he never once wanted to dress up as a girl or figure skate or play barbies.

all the people we know have had similar experiences... boys were steadfastly male and vice-versa.

gender is hardwired. if and when it goes awry, that's called, in scientific circles, a deviation from the norm.

bruce jenner, who steadfastly refuses to lose his testicles & penis but still calls himself a "real woman" is actually an attention seeking fetishist. he misses being famous and has found a new way to get back into the limelight.


Neo Conservative said...

ps... the term "scooba" in the above comment was neophyte's pronunciation of schoolbus.